Police crack down on marijuana on campus

By Anna Carrera

Published 02/07 2014 10:28PM

Updated 02/10 2014 09:47AM

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS -- UI police found $80,000 worth of marijuana after a drug bust Thursday night. Officers say it's the largest stash they've found on campus in a long time.

Police say marijuana is the biggest drug problem on campus. Narcotics investigators are constantly working on marijuana cases. They unravel webs of connections to try to track down the biggest offenders. And when they do, they arrest them.

A major drug bust at 309 East Green Street has University of Illinois students talking.

"I know people sell drugs and stuff like that around here, but nothing to that extent, to that extreme," said University of Illinois student Joshua Pearson. "That sounds like something out of a movie. $80,000 worth of marijuana. That's a lot."

That's 21 pounds of the drug. Investigators didn't know they'd find that much, but say it's grown to be their biggest problem on campus.

"It's a problem no matter where you go," said University of Illinois Police Captain Roy Acree. "When you have 43,000 students, some of them choose to partake in marijuana and that's by far our biggest drug issue on campus is cannibis."

This time around, police found three men may be tied to the drug. They were Tristan Cowart, Matthew Divittorio and Steven Funes. Police tracked them down at their apartment complex.

"I just think it's pretty crazy," said University of Illinois student Marty Trojan. "We live literally right there and just to think something that big could happen right there it's just crazy."

Even though this was a big bust, police say there's definitely more out there.

"These drug cases spread out like a spiderweb," said Acree. "They could start on campus but they can turn around and spread out all over the city, all over the county, all over the state and all over the United States."

So investigators will certainly have their hands full as they continue their work.

One other person was arrested in connection with the case; Hali Balint. Investigators say she tipped off the three men that police were coming so they could move their stash.

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