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Police: Father admits killing son

Latest: 3:50 pm, 4/10/17, Monday 

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- An Urbana father who admitted shooting his son to death got sentenced to ten years in prison.

67-year old David Farrell confessed to killing Matthew after an argument.

Farrell pleaded guilty to second degree murder. He could be eligible for parole in five years. 

Update: 10:30 am, 2/27/17, Monday 

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- An Urbana man pleaded guilty to the second degree murder of his son. David Farrell confessed to fatally shooting his son, Matthew, in June.

Police say it started with an argument and escalated into a physical fight before the shooting. Farrell faces 20-years when he's sentenced in April. 

Original: 5:30 pm, 6/13/16, Monday 

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- A father is being charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of his son. Urbana police say 66-year old David Farrell confessed to shooting his son, Matthew, Sunday.

It happened in the 700-block of East Oregon Street. Police say it all started with an argument and physical altercation hours earlier.

The prosecutor revealed more details in court Monday. He said Farrell and his son had been arguing about whether or not he had been a good parent. Eventually, it turned physical.

A few hours later, Matthew was laying at the foot of his father's driveway. A day after his son was shot dead, David Farrell makes his first court appearance.

His neighbor, Robert King, remembers waking up to police lights outside his home and walking toward the scene.

"One of the officers, that, as a courtesy, just came over and saw to give us some very basic stuff."

The next thing he knew, a man was being put into a police car and another into an ambulance. They turned out to be David Farrell and his son, Matthew.

"We all sort of dispersed with that uneasy feeling because we really didn't know sort of the finality of everything this morning,until this morning, when you wake up and the police are still here and then the coroner's here."

Lt. Richard Surles says the father called 911 hours earlier. He said he had been in an argument with his son, who then attacked him.

"The allegation that the father made was that the son pushed him down and kicked him."

When police arrived, they say the younger Farrell was nowhere to be found. Hours later, David Farrell called 911 again.

"He provided statements to the police indicating that he had shot his son."

They say Farrell admitted drinking and getting a hold of a handgun in his home. He told police he had been waiting for his son to return, to teach him a lesson.

"It was one shot and it was at the rear of the father's residence and there's been some assertion that it was through the door, although we didn't find any holes in the door."

They did find a trail of blood down the driveway and the 29-year old Matthew at the end of it.

"I would've loved for it not to have ended this way."

Since the older Farrell was arrested, King's family has been taking care of his dog, Oona. He says, for the last year, that was his only companion at home. Farrell lost his wife to cancer nine months ago.

"I think, as she passed away, it just put a lot of strain on the family. I'm not sure what was the cause of everything last night, but it just seems like that might have been something that potentially didn't make things right."

Farrell's bond is set at $1 million. Judge Olmsted denied his request for a public defender after looking over his finances. He says he'll have to find his own attorney for his next appearance, June 30. 

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