Police, Feds, Farmers Work for Ag Safety

Published 02/07 2012 06:07PM

Updated 02/07 2012 06:52PM

Update: 6:09 pm February 7, 2012
     When most of us think of terrorism, 9/11 or Oklahoma City comes to mind. But, how often do you think about terrorist attacks on farms?
    It's on the minds of Illinois farmers. That's why they're coming together with a security plan. Illinois farmers are working to keep anyone out of barns who don't work there. Here's why. They're worried about dangerous fluids getting into the animals by injection. If animals are poisoned, that will go straight to our dinner table and into our bodies.
    That's why farmers around the state are jumping into action with the "AGRO-Security Working Group." Farming agencies are teaming up with the FBI & state police.
    The whole point of the team is to be proactive, rather than reactive. They want to get out in front of security issues.
Original: 12:07 pm January 31, 2012
 Farm groups join forces with law enforcement to improve safety in agriculture. The "Agro-Security Working Group" will educate farmers about preventing crime and terrorism.
    It includes representatives of the FBI, Illinois State Police and Illinois Emergency Management Agency, as well as the Farm Bureau, Illinois Corn Growers Association and Illinois Pork Producers.
    A spokesman says the group hopes to come up with security preventions before a tragedy happens.


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