Police investigate burned body

Published 07/29 2013 12:41PM

Updated 07/31 2013 01:57PM

Latest: 10:07 pm
SHIRLEY -- The McLean County Coroner believes a woman found dead Sunday may have set herself on fire. Silpa Vuyyalat's body was found smoldering in this field.

Her autopsy found she burned to death. Gasoline may have been used. The coroner says no foul play was involved.

News of her death is spreading quickly in the small town. Police say the victim and her family are from India. Her death is still under investigation.

Update: 4:45 pm
SHIRLEY -- Authorities released more information about the discovery of a burned body in rural McLean County Sunday. The victim is presumed to be 26-year old Silpa Vuyyalat, of Bloomington.

At this time, authorities say there's no sign of foul play involved in her death. About 10 am Sunday, police responded to an area south of 1375 East and 850 North.

Crews found the smoldering body about ten feet away from an abandoned car. Monday's autopsy results show the victim died from thermal burns. The odor of an accelerant, likely gasoline, was also detected.

Original: 12:41 pm
SHIRLEY -- Police are investigating the discovery of a burned body. It was found in an area just south of 1375 East and 850 North in McLean County.

Officials discovered the body Sunday morning while responding to a call of an abandoned vehicle and missing person. Authorities say, because of the condition of the remains, identification, including gender, will not be known until further forensic tests are performed.

Preliminary information is that the missing person is a 26-year old woman from Bloomington. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

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