Police investigate rash of burglaries

Published 10/03 2012 10:51PM

Updated 10/04 2012 09:53AM

URBANA -- A rash of burglaries is keeping people on the lookout. Champaign County investigators say the problem is near South Dodson and Scottswood Drive.

It's a neighborhood they say is no stranger to crime but lately the types of crime have been different. Houses and cars have been broken into constantly for months. One man who says he was robbed last year has been watching out for his neighbors.

"That's what we need is neighborhood watch. Other neighbors is watching your house and you are watching their house and try to prevent people from taking stuff that ain't theirs," says Rickey Hayworth.

Investigators say many of the cars broken into were unlocked. Police say if you see something suspicious call 911.

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