Police investigate shooting and gas leak

Published 01/06 2013 10:28PM

Updated 01/06 2013 10:41PM

CHAMPAIGN -- Police are investigating two incidents just one block away from one another.
    The first is a shooting that sent a man to the hospital.
    It happened at 1514 Holly Hill drive around 8 o'clock. Investigators searched for shell casings in the yard next door.  That's because the shooter stood there and fired twelve rounds into this home.
    Police say the house was full of people including teenagers.  One of the adults inside got hit but his injuries aren't serious.  So far they haven't found a suspect.

    On the next street over there was a gas leak.  Firefighters got called to the 1500 block of Hedge Court.  They say someone smelled gas coming from inside a house, through an open back door.  Police say no one was hurt.

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