Police say "no third crime scene"

Published 09/12 2013 01:25PM

Updated 09/12 2013 06:29PM

Update: 4:26 pm
WATSON -- Investigators are in Effingham County searching for more evidence in the murder of Willow Long. There have been reports about an active third crime scene connected to the case.

Authorities say the reports are untrue. A website is reporting a crime scene was opened a few miles away from Willow's family home. It's true they were out there, but what they found was not connected to her.

Illinois State Police say they received calls about blood on a house in the 300-block of Route 37. After conducting an investigation, officials say the blood is from a searcher who cut himself on a window.

As of Thursday, no new details are being released and no new charges have been filed. Willow's uncle, Justin DeRyke, is being held on $5-million bond for first degree murder. Investigators say he slit Willow's throat and stabbed her five times.

At this time, Willow's family is only concerned with honoring her memory.
Original: 1:25 pm
WATSON -- Authorities say rumors of a third crime scene in relation to the murder of Willow Long are untrue. Illinois State Police received numerous calls regarding blood at a site in the 300-block of Route 37.

It was determined a volunteer involved in the weekend search for the little girl was cut on a piece of glass in the area. Officials say any blood at that location is that of the volunteer.

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