Police say students are stealing textbooks

Published 09/05 2013 09:28PM

Updated 09/06 2013 11:57AM

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS -- Police say students are stealing textbooks. Since the beginning of the semester, there have been four calls from the Illini Union Bookstore. The other bookstore on campus has also seen an increase in thefts.

That's because a textbook can cost $300 or more. Police say some students just can't afford it or others try to sell the books online for extra cash.

"My chemistry book was like $350, so it was quite expensive," said Madzia Filipiuk.

So the freshman came up with a plan to save some money.

"I figured out that I don't really need to go to the bookstore. I can go on like Amazon or something else to find a used book or something like that for a lot cheaper," said Filipiuk.

Which not only saved her money...

"Hundreds of dollars; like $500 probably," said Filipiuk.

it also saved her time.

"It wasn't only crowded, it was pretty unorganized. It was hard to find books."

Those two things may be leading students to steal said UI Police Captain Roy Acree.

"It's a combination. Some of them just don't have enough money. Some of them may feel like they can just get away with it, use their money for other things like pizza and beer instead of buying their books," said Captain Acree.

It's an issue he sees at the beginning of every school year. That's why the Illini Union Bookstore asked for police help. Officers are providing extra patrols during peak hours. There are also cameras watching students' every move.

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