Police want security camera database in crime-fighting arsenal

Published 08/22 2013 06:41PM

Updated 08/22 2013 06:44PM

DANVILLE -- Security cameras sit outside doors and inside shops and they record everything. Now police hope those cameras can help with future investigations. WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw explains.

This device is how Namir Khadour keeps an eye on his story.

"It helps a lot with shoplifting. If you get hold (sic) up or anything, you know."

Police hope security cameras around the city can help them as well. They hope to put together a database of camera locations.

Authorities say it will come in handy for law enforcement when future investigations pop up. It will save them time knowing exactly where to go to get surveillance footage or evidence.

"If my outside camera can catch somebody doing any bad things, it's a good thing. Help the police in a lot of ways in my opinion."

Mario Reed agrees. He owns a video game and computer repair store called The Juke.

"Security is one reason. It helps to be able to prove this or that happened."

Reed's cameras were able to catch a burglary on tape. Thanks to the footage, he was able to get the merchandise back.

"You appreciate more eyes. This creates more eyes. We all want to be safe."

Officials think those extra electronic eyes and ears can make a world of difference in keeping the community a little safer. Authorities say the database would be private. Only law enforcement would have access to the information. To help, call police.

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