Popular pastor killed in accident

Published 08/21 2013 02:08PM

Updated 08/21 2013 02:14PM

DECATUR -- Just hours after finding out a well-known pastor died in a crash, hundreds came out to support his congregation. 55-year old B.G. Nevitt was riding his motorcycle Saturday afternoon. Sources say he was on Route 36 when a car turned in front of him. He ran into it and was killed. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley has the story.

It's a tragedy which members are having a tough time coming to terms with. They just saw their pastor at Glad Tidings Church days ago. Now they're gathering in that same place to grieve.

"There's more to life than just this moment right now."

Words from Pastor Nevitt's latest message at Glad Tidings Church reverberate. But now, people are meeting in the sanctuary for a different reason; to mourn his death.

"Pastor B.G.'s legacy is to live a spectacular life. Live out God's dreams. Don't settle."

It's that message which Nevitt's friend and colleague, Matt Samuels, says drew hundreds to Glad Tidings each and every Sunday. It got people's attention all over the world.

"You're a world changer. That's what you are."

"He pushed the limits and pushed what church should be like and what people should experience at church."

"You're more important than that. You're so much more important than that."

He spread that confidence beyond church walls. Friends say he was the ultimate family man and worked with the police department several times a week.

"He's a larger-than-life kind of person. He's the type of person who would walk into a room and you'd notice him and you'd notice his personality and charisma."

But now, these people have to say goodbye. Before they do that, they have a message for him they hope he hears.

"If I could talk to him now, I would just tell him, 'thank you. Thank you for his impact. Thank you for believing in me.'"

Final funeral arrangements haven't been made, but other pastors in the area plan on honoring him at services Sunday. Sources say the person driving the car was a 19-year old who is shook up, but is okay.

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