Powerball Paves the Way for Roads & Schools

Published 02/16 2012 04:23PM

Updated 02/16 2012 04:31PM

    Lottery officials say Saturday's $336 million Powerball jackpot was responsible for raising $14.5 million for state schools and infrastructure. The record amount was the result of a six week run that started December 28, 2011.
    The Jackpot total jumped from a quarter-billion dollars to $334 million during the last two drawings, increasing sales 41 and 61 percents respectively. Sales reached a high of $9,572 per minute Saturday evening.
    More than 540,000 winning Powerball tickets were sold in Illinois during that time with prizes ranging from $4 - $10,000 depending on how many numbers matched. 28-winning tickets in Illinois were worth $10,000 each.


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