Prayers for Katlyn

IROQUOIS COUNTY -- A community is coming together to support a girl from Herscher. 15-year-old Katlyn Post was at basketball practice earlier this month when she noticed something was wrong. They thought it may be a migraine but it turned out to be much worse.

Her mother, Christine Blum, said it was bleeding on the brain. That's typically called a stroke. They had to take her to Rush Hospital in Chicago. Even though they couldn't be there with her, Katlyn's friends are supporting her from home.

"When I heard that, my heart dropped," said Katlyn's friend, Meegan Massey. "Everything was going through my mind, everything that Katlyn and I have been through and done together. I was scared that something terrible would happen and she wouldn't remember me."

Massey and Megan Clay have been friends with Katlyn since they went to Crescent City Grade School together. Katlyn lives in Herscher now. But when her friends found out what happened, they knew they wanted to do something about it.

"I'm not there," said Massey. "I'm not a doctor. I can't tell her everything's going to be okay or make sure everything's okay so it's really hard not being able to do much."

They put out jars at three high schools in Iroquois County to collect donations for Katlyn's family. And they're selling bracelets named after Katlyn to raise even more.

"Everybody knows everything about you and it's kind of special that when one person's hurt, the whole town comes together to make it better," said Clay.

"We always knew people liked her and cared about her but its just been very heartwarming," said Blum.

Katlyn's mother said they've been overwhelmed by the support. The doctors told them Katlyn should make a full recovery.

"We're a little down but she's going to get better and she's alive and that's all that matters and she'll be home soon," said Blum.

Massey got to go see Katlyn at Rush last week. But she's even more excited to see her again outside the hospital.

"I just want Katlyn and her family to know, even though they're not here anymore, we still care and we love them," said Massey.

Katlyn played basketball and softball at Herscher High School. The doctors haven't said she can't go back to sports. So she'll have to see how physical therapy goes so she can try to get back on the court or the field.

The basketball and softball teams are planning fundraisers to support her. Katlyn's mom said they're heading home on Wednesday.

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To see the Prayers for Katlyn Facebook page, click here.

To find out more about the Kookies for Katlyn event this weekend, click here.

If you want to donate to Katlyn's family, you can drop off money or send a check to:

Prayers for Katlyn Fund
First Trust and Savings Bank
P.O. Box 160
Watseka, IL 60970-0160

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