Preparing for real plane crash

Published 05/20 2013 07:52PM

Updated 05/21 2013 11:05AM

SAVOY -- You may have seen a lot of flashing lights heading down toward the Willard Airport on Monday. Don't was just a drill.

First responders practiced what they would do if a plane crashed on one of the runways. Police, firefighters and EMT's from around Central Illinois pitched in to help. Dozens of people volunteered to play crash victims, complete with fake blood and bruises.

"I think this is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience in more stressful situations and something like this happens in real life," said University of Illinois EMT student Pavin Gupta. "The fake blood and the make-up and stuff like that helps us get a feel for how it really would be if something like this happened."

They pretended a bus was the plane that crashed. Some volunteers were told they had to act unconscious or have other injuries. First responders are required to do drills like this every three years.

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