Preparing for "Unofficial" St. Patrick's Day

Published 02/18 2013 05:21PM

Updated 02/20 2013 06:06PM


CHAMPAIGN -- Students on campus got a message delivered to their door for "Unofficial" St. Patrick's Day.
Around 200 volunteers helped pass out information Wednesday. The bags had papers and pamphlets about alcohol poisoning; they also had a list of charges and fines you can face for underage drinking. It's all to remind students to stay safe next weekend.
Volunteers hit up more than 2,900 homes around campus. It's part of the "Walk as One" campaign. 

CHAMPAIGN -- Police and the UI are working together to spread a message: stay safe during Unofficial St. Patrick's Day. It's the first time they're distributing information ahead of time.

Authorities said "unofficial" is something they always have issues with, so they're trying to be proactive. Volunteers went to the Turner Student Services building Monday to stuff 2,900 bags full of pamphlets and papers. They explain the dangers of alcohol poisoning.

Police said they also plan to send out email reminders to students leading up to next month's event. Officers said they see people taken to the hospital every year. A few have died the past couple of years, so this is something they take very seriously.

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