President Obama calls for minimum wage increase

Published 01/28 2014 10:22PM

Updated 01/29 2014 09:41AM

NATIONAL -- Unemployment was a major theme in Tuesday night's State of the Union Speech. The President is calling for a significant increase in minimum wage for federal contract workers, but not everyone is on board.

President Obama thinks minimum wage should be $10.10/hour for all workers, but he has yet to get support for a complete overhaul. In Illinois, minimum wage is $8.25. Governor Quinn has proposed it be raised to $10/hour.

Many business are against the increase, especially small business owners. Dennis Riggs owns Sidney Dairy Barn. It's a small ice cream shop he's run for 20 years. 24 people work there; about 20 work for minimum wage.

Riggs say if it's increased, it would change the way he does business. He would possibly have to cut workers and raise prices. He hopes he doesn't have to.

Riggs says, for many small businesses, payroll is one of their largest expenses. Riggs fears the move for federal workers will impact his workers.

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