Preview of Our Town: Farmer City

Published 09/09 2012 10:14PM

Updated 09/10 2012 01:45PM

FARMER CITY -- A small town in DeWitt County is making a name for itself. It's the only one like it in the state and in the country. WICA-3's Amanda Porterfield gives us a preview of Our Town Farmer City.

What's in a name?

"The name means a lot, Farmer City."

There's no doubt those two words sum up this town today and not long ago.

"This was a happening place for Abraham Lincoln and others. Politically, this was the place."

But this place didn't always have its unique name. In fact, it didn't stand out at all. We'll let a historian tell you how it got to be the one-and-only Farmer city. If you ask around, you'll find out why people chose to stay.

"It's quiet and good people live here."

This barbershop has been around for ages. A family business that's now a staple in town.

We'll introduce you to the owner who explains how this old shop has managed to stay on trend. But, the town itself stays "young" by staying connected, the new way.

"We've figured out how to communicate without that written word."

The town's paper is closed. And this week, you'll see how Our Town Farmer City, founded in 1837, is staying in touch with 21st Century technology.

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