Prosecution nearing end of case, Part 2

Published 05/22 2013 06:05PM

Updated 05/22 2013 06:36PM

PEORIA COUNTY -- As the prosecution prepares to rest in Christopher Harris' mass murder trial, attorneys are wrapping up some loose ends. Harris is accused of killing five family members in Beason in 2009. Wednesday, the jury heard from a forensic tool expert and a blood spatter expert. WCIA-3's Steve Staeger wraps up the day's testimony.

In court, a forensic expert actually got off the stand to show the jury how individual lug nuts from the tires on Chris Harris' truck fit into a tire iron found in the bed of the truck. Both the lug nuts and tire iron were removed from the truck earlier this year.

The truck has been sitting in a secure state police storage area for years. It's unclear what the prosecution is trying to show since the tire iron, believed to be the murder weapon, was found elsewhere.

Also on the stand, a detective who first talked to Chris Harris just two days after the murders. He says he noticed Harris had a brand new pair of shoes on during the interview which piqued his interest because he remembered bloody footprints at the crime scene.

Also a blood spatter expert took the stand and a doctor testified about Tabitha Gee's injuries. Tabitha, the 3-year old lone survivor of the attack, appeared to have injuries caused by blunt force trauma.

The prosecution is expected to wrap up its case Thursday. The defense could start its presentation as early as Thursday afternoon.

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