Protesters boo Quinn during speech

Published 08/15 2012 10:21PM

Updated 08/16 2012 10:26PM

SPRINGFIELD -- Governor Quinn visited the state fair on Wednesday to meet with democratic supporters. Instead he was greeted by angry protesters.

It was pretty hard to spot him during his speech, he was surrounded by a sea of green and white. Union workers swarmed the state fair hoping to get his attention. Each one had their own reason for being there.

"We decided to come to show the governor that we're very unhappy about the cuts in services and the cuts to our pension and our healthcare," said Roberta Brown.

"I'm eleven months away from retiring, and he's trying to really mess that up," said Brian Redman.

Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon was on stage during the speech. She says the protest was all a part of the democratic process.

"It's not always neat and clean and orderly. But, we got a sense of the passion behind the feelings of the workers," she said.

Not everyone agrees. Some critics say the crowd got way too intense.

"I think they could've given those people on stage who had come down here to speak to them an opportunity to speak," said Matt Fruth.

His sister, Susan Fruth, agreed, "They were screaming and yelling and booing and it really drew away from the overall positive message that were trying to focus on right now."

Governor Quinn's Office released the following statement:

    Governor Quinn is making the difficult decisions necessary to restore fiscal stability to Illinois.     The Governor ran for office to move Illinois forward, tackle the difficult challenges, and repair the     problems he inherited from decades of mismanagement. The AFSCME Union prefers inaction on pension reform, but that inaction only makes the problem worse and threatens the state's         ability to educate children. Illinois is currently on track to spend more on pensions than                 education by FY 2016 if we do not enact comprehensive pension reform. The Governor will             continue to push for pension reform because it is the right thing to do.

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