Protestors to Greet Indiana Governor

Published 04/18 2012 10:34PM

Updated 04/18 2012 10:47PM

The governor of Indiana will make his way to Champaign Thursday and thousands of protestors will be waiting for him.  Governor Mitch Daniels will be speaking at a Champaign Republican Party event.  More than 5,000 people are expected to protest in opposition.

"The people do have a voice, the United States was built on this type of concept," Local 149 union member Matt Langendorf said.

Union members will be protesting Daniels controversial move to make Indiana a right to work state.  Protestors say it's anti-union.

"We would like to show our legislators that it's political suicide to push that agenda here," Langendorf said.

They plan to rally at the Assembly Hall and make their way to the Hilton Garden Inn, that's where Daniels will be speaking. 

Champaign County Republican Chairman Mitch Daniels is welcoming it.

"It's their right to rally," Habeeb Habeeb said. "It's America, they have a right to rally and we have every right to have a peaceful event."

More than 500 people are expected the Daniels event, the most the event has ever seen.

"We're going to co-exist.  We're going to have a great time and a great event," he said.

If you're on the roads, you probably want to avoid the area near the Assembly Hall.  Kirby will be closed east of Neil St. to Oak.  Oak St. will be closed from Kirby to St. Mary's Rd.

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