PTI back in business

Published 07/07 2012 05:23PM

Updated 07/10 2012 12:42PM

CHAMPAIGN -- The University of Illinois Police Training Institute will stay open. After months of uncertainty PTI has reached an agreement with the state get funding.

A big trickle down effect of the bad economy put it in danger of shutting down. Police departments weren't hiring, and there weren't enough officers signing up for classes.

Classes are already full and PTI is finding ways to reduce its budget. But the biggest bit of help is coming from Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board; it will fund PTI.

A big sigh of relief for dozens of officers who will now keep their jobs.

"This is very exciting. What makes this so exciting is that not only are we going to be training new recruits and go back to doing what we do best, but we also have some new components that we're excited about," said Director Michael Schlosser.

PTI is in the process of bringing in UI professors to research the best ways to expand their curriculum. The next class will be in September. 50 officers have already signed up.

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