Pull over and slow down

Published 11/29 2012 06:22PM

Updated 11/30 2012 01:10PM

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- Accidents are why the sheriff's office wants your attention. They're reminding you to slow down and pull over.

Seeing a person in the middle of the highway is the last thing you're expecting to see, but the sheriff's office says we all need a big reminder.

"We have to be completely aware of what's going on ahead. When you're on the highway and see an officer on the side, pull over to the left lane and slow down."

"When you see emergency lights, slow down and pull over."

We talked to a deputy sheriff who's been hit by a car while working. He wasn't injured, but it was a big wake up call that it can happen to anyone.
"Anger, initially. It seems to us that with the lights and everything else it should be obvious that someone should give you a wide berth. Then you're a little concern to make sure you're not hurt. Then you get on with the job you were doing when you got hit," deputy sheriff James Golaszewski said.

Deputies say it's the highway to us, but to them it's their office. Just an easy simple reminder for all of us to slow down.

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