Pumped Up Prices

Published 02/23 2012 05:00PM

Updated 02/23 2012 05:53PM

Update: 5:03 pm
     Gas prices are shooting up. Some stations in Champaign were $3.79/gallon today. Triple A says nationwide prices soared 10% since the start of the year.
    It says the biggest factor is the threat of a supply disruption as tensions grow with Iran over its nuclear program. But, some customers aren't buying it.
    Some Champaign stations are still at $3.42, so it might be worth your while to fill up.     

Original: 1:00 pm
     Pump prices are skyrocketing. Drivers in states like New York and California are paying $4+/gallon to fill up. It's a level not seen since mid-2008.
    Triple-A says prices soared 10% just since the beginning of the year. The biggest factor to the price increase is the threat of a supply disruption as tensions escalate between Iran and Western nations over Iran's nuclear program.
    U.S. crude is trading above $106/barrel today. Crude prices climbed nearly 7% in the past month.

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