Quinn Proposes Tax Breaks for Parents

Published 02/01 2012 07:11PM

Updated 02/01 2012 07:13PM

CHAMPAIGN -- It can be pricey raising a kid - just ask Natalie Gittings.

"You're looking at daycare," says Gittings. "Of course, you got diapers, you got formula."

But parents could be seeing some savings. In Governor Pat Quinn's State of the State address Wednesday, he proposed a tax break for families. It's called the Illinois Child Tax Credit. Under this credit, a family of four would see $100 in direct tax relief. That's savings, Governor Quinn expects to trickle down.

"This targeted tax relief will stimulate consumer demand," says the Governor. "It is 70 percent of our economy and it will create jobs for our local merchants."

Christina Arnett is a mother of two. She's trying to go back to school, so for her, every little bit counts.

"It might ease a little pressure off of us," says Arnett. "Basic necessities that we're not able to get right now, that we might have to ask our families with help with,"

It's the same with Natalie Gittings, but she doesn't know much relief this tax break will bring.

"It's a nice idea, it's a nice effort, but is it going to help those families in need - I don't know," says Gittings.

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