Quinn says state is making a comeback

Published 01/29 2014 03:42PM

Updated 01/29 2014 06:18PM

Update: 6:04 pm
ILLINOIS -- Governor Quinn delivered his annual State of the State address Wednesday morning and talked a lot about education. It's a big part of his blueprint for moving the state forward.

In order to create jobs and build a stronger economy, Quinn says Illinois needs a better education system. That's why, over the next few years, he wants to double the number of MAP Grants for college students and make higher learning a little more affordable.

As far as early childhood education, he wants to start new programs which will help low-income mothers get prenatal care so they can have healthier babies. He also wants to expand access to pre-kindergarten programs and link parents to support services so they can be more involved.

He also hit a lot on workplace fairness. He wants to raise the minimum wage to $10/hour and give every full-time worker the chance to earn sick days. He'll explain these plans in greater detail during his budget address next month.
Original: 3:42 pm
SPRINGFIELD -- Governor Quinn says this year's theme of the State of the State is that Illinois is making a comeback, but not everyone agrees. The State of the State is supposed to show how the state is currently doing and where it's headed during the next year.

The big topics a lot of people were waiting to hear about were jobs and the economy. Quinn laid out a blueprint for how he thinks the state should move forward on those fronts.

First, he wants to create more jobs by giving small businesses loans and other incentives to grow. And, just like last year, he want to raise the minimum wage. Quinn wants people to make at least $10/hour. He says it will make the state more affordable for everyone.

Quinn also has plans for education making changes to early childhood and higher education programs, but anything new will likely need new money. Quinn will explain how he plans to roll out all these ideas during his budget address next month.

The governor outlined other goals to help all workers. He wants to double the earned income tax credit to help put extra money in the pockets of working-class families. He's also pushing to make sure every worker has at least two paid sick days to help them stay home when they're ill without losing a day's pay.

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