Quinn's travels may not play well for re-election

Published 07/30 2013 03:13PM

Updated 07/30 2013 03:17PM

SPRINGFIELD -- Governor Quinn is making a number of appearances in all corners of the state this past week, but some say his trips still might not be enough to unite Illinois. During his time in office, Quinn has been widely criticized for spending little time downstate.

Now critics say his Chicago-focus could work against him in the upcoming election. WCIA-3's Alexandrea Davis keeps us Connected to the Capitol.

Governor Quinn was all over the map Monday; from Springfield to Peoria, Rockford and Rock Island. But, some folks think he neglects downstate.

"I just don't really think of him as our governor in downstate. I just think of him as Chicago's governor. I think he's just owned by Chicago democrats."

From July 22 - 29, the Governor's Office hosted twelve public events. Seven have been in Chicago or its suburbs. Five have taken place downstate or outside the Chicagoland area.

The Governor's Office says Quinn spends time across Illinois; wherever he goes, he's working. During the legislative session, he spends a lot of time in Springfield. But, one man hoping to take his job says, Quinn is just playing favorites.

"He clearly has a record that has neglected downstate interests. I think he's going to find a rude awakening if he travels around the state."

Sunday, Governor Quinn made a speech in Chicago suggesting Illinoisans all have equal opportunity.

"We are great hockey fans here in Illinois, all across our state, but we're really, really, I think fond of making sure all our citizens have a chance to enjoy sports."

Senator Bill Brady (R) hopes to run against Quinn in the 2014 election. He says actions speak louder than words.

"We see it, transportation funding, education funding, closing prisons that adversely affect public safety and jobs. This governor has, in many respects, talking with many people, the perception is he's turned a blind eye on downstate Illinois."

The governor's press staff says Governor Quinn will continue to go wherever he has work to do.

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