Race is Family Affair

Published 04/26 2012 04:54PM

Updated 04/26 2012 05:57PM

ROCKFORD -- It's not just runners in Central Illinois getting excited for this weekend. One family from Rockford is turning the 10K race into a bonding event. Scott Leber has tonight's Bigger Picture.
    Our busy lives keep most families on the run.  But the Cirella family literally is on the run together. Parents Mark and Lori and daughter Courtney have been in training for the 10K. And they'll be joined in the race this weekend by another daughter Abby. She's already in Champaign as a senior of the University of Illinois. The idea to enter the race as a family started with mother Lori.
    "She had been running on her own and she was building up her mileage and she was doing three and four miles at a time, so I said you should also do a 10K."
    "Well if I'm going to do it, they're going to do it."
    So race they will, although daughter Courtney wasn't wild about the idea at first.
    "I was nervous because I'm a teenager and kind of lazy and getting up early and running was not fun sounding to me."
    Mark is a doctor. He knows the importance of staying physically fit. That's his main reason for running, but there's also another one.
    "I like to run because I like to eat. It helps keep the weight off as well."
    Mark has run in the Chicago Marathon before and he's run in one other 10K. For Lori, this racing thing is a whole new experience.
    "Have you ever run a 10K before?"
    "This is your first time?"
    "Are you nervous?"
    "A little bit. Physically I'm OK. The race mentality, I don't have that."
    The Cirella's will start the 10K together, but it's not likely they'll finish that way.
    "Who's the fastest runner in the family?"
    "I don't want to sound cocky, but I'd probably say me."
    "We've said if you feel like you have to go faster go faster. Don't feel like you have to hold back."
    Mark is hoping that the course will work to his advantage.
    "From what Abbey says Champaign is pretty flat, so that works to our benefit. I'm not real good on the hills."
    Finishing the 10K is the goal, but the objective is to use this race to bring the family closer together.
    "Yeah we try to do as much as we can together."
    Reporting from Rockford, I'm Scott Leber.

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