Raid in subdivision shocks neighbors

By Anthony Antoine |

Published 03/18 2014 07:14PM

Updated 03/19 2014 11:46AM

CHAMPAIGN -- An early morning raid leaves neighbors in disbelief. It happened in the Sawgrass Subdivision. Officers with Homeland Security surrounded a home about 8:00 am, Tuesday. The commotion woke much of the neighborhood. WCIA-3's Anthony Antoine has more.

Neighbors say the residents are "nice people." They say everything seemed "normal," but more than a dozen cars in front of their neighbor's driveway was certainly a wake-up call.

At first glance, nothing here strikes you as unusual. This blue house blends right in, but in the early morning hours, that changed.

"All these cars in the street. Looked like a party going on."

It wasn't a party, but police officers, including Homeland Security, were conducting a raid. One-by-one, officers walked out of the house with computer parts and evidence in boxes.

"People were inside the garage and going through it. Everyday there was boxes coming in there, going out. I just thought this guy had a little business."

Neighbors say business would pick up around Christmas, but there was constant traffic at his home.

"The post office box would bring tons of boxes and it seemed like he would break them down and take them somewhere in his truck. I thought he was making orders. He get it from overseas and when he get it, and went and distribute to the people."

Authorities spent more than five hours at the house.

"It seemed normal because you do business like that. I never thought it was something bad."

Champaign Police are not involved in the operation. Homeland Security is not releasing any information since the case is an ongoing investigation.

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