Residents boiling over lack of water

Published 06/28 2012 10:11PM

Updated 06/29 2012 11:28AM

METCALF -- In 100-degree heat, people in Edgar County don't have fresh water, and they may have to go without for several more days.

"It's very frustrating, you pay for water that you cant drink," says Kimberly Kremitzki, a resident of Metcalf. 

The mayor of Metcalf issued a boil order Wednesday because water may be contaminated. In heat like this it should be easy to turn on your faucet, fill up your glass without having to worry about what's inside. However, Metcalf residents say they haven't been able to for a long time and their patience has boiled over.

Mayor Cheryl Gill is handing out boil order notices door to door. She's done this several times in just a few months to quickly let residents know the water may not be safe to drink.

"We just have water issues with our well right now," says Gill.

Gill says engineers test the well constantly but keep getting bad samples upsetting residents.

"There are several people on low incomes, fixed incomes in this area, myself included. It's very frustrating, you pay for water that you cant drink," says Kremitzki.

Kimberly Kremitzki poured some of the water from her faucet into a cup and says even after she boils, it doesn't taste right.

"It boils down but it still leaves residue on the bottom of the pan after you are done boiling and letting it set. It's not drinkable, it has a foul odor a lot of the times, even if you put dish soap in the sink it'll turn the water gray," says Kremitzki.

Mayor Gill says engineers are working on the problem. Now, the Environmental Protection Agency is involved, but no one knows when it will be fixed. Until then residents are doing whatever they can to beat the heat, and that includes staying inside and drinking a lot of bottled water.

Mayor Gill says the Village Board will have another meeting about the issue Monday. However, it could be Tuesday before the boil order is lifted.

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