Restrictions on Funeral Protestors

Published 02/23 2012 12:56PM

Updated 02/23 2012 12:57PM

Update: February 23, 12:56 pm
    The State Senate is considering a bill to push funeral protestors back 700-feet. It's aimed at keeping the peace at military funerals while families mourn loved ones without distraction from protestors.
    Former Army paratrooper, State Representative Jerry Costello, says the bill targets members of the Westboro Baptist Church who typically voice strong opposition at military funerals. The bill passed the House unanimously Wednesday.

Original: February 12, 11:36 am

    More restrictions could be coming down the pipe for funeral protestors. State Senator Jerry Costello II, wants to push them 1,000 feet from funeral doors. The current distance is 300 feet.
    Demonstrators would also be prohibited from protesting within one hour before or after the funeral. The measure is aimed at protecting military families who often see protestors from the Westboro Baptist Church.
    Members of the Service Employees International and the American Civil Liberties Union also oppose the legislation.

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