Retiree Health Care Bill Making Moves

Published 05/09 2012 09:16PM

Updated 05/09 2012 10:27PM

Retired state workers took a big blow today, a bill that would change their health care benefits passed out of the house.

The proposed bill would make some radical changes to health benefits for retired state workers. Premiums would no longer be decided based on one's years of service, instead the Department of Central Management Services would choose how they would pay out.

We sat down with Connie Miller, she retired from the state more than ten years ago. She says this bill will no doubt hurt a lot of seniors on fixed incomes, but believes it needs to be passed.

AFSCME says the changes would affect more than 80,000 retired workers and argues many of them can't afford to pay more in premiums.

How much they would actually have to dish out is still unclear at this point. Some lawmakers are calling for this reform because the state already owes the retiree health care program billions of dollars. They say something's gotta give at this point.

The bill now moves on to the Senate.

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