Revitalize contest could be big win

By Kelsey Gibbs |

Published 05/27 2014 04:57PM

Updated 05/28 2014 10:43AM

NIANTIC -- A clean up is never a bad thing, and one small town hopes sprucing things up might bring in more businesses. WCIA-3's Kelsey Gibbs finds out what they have planned.

"I think if it helps community pride, then that helps the economics of the community," said Jim Waddell.

The village of Niantic doesn't have a grocery store or a gas station. Residents like Waddell say they hope to see that changed.

"In a small town, we tend to lose appeal in years because of the declining in population."

Waddell is a life-long resident of the village of 700 people. He believes a makeover could give the town the chance it needs to bring in business.

"It's our hope that a part of this we would stimulate some interest and people will take some more pride to do a few things right in front of their own house."

The Niantic Curb Appeal Contest gives residents a chance to fix up their homes and businesses, plus get a chance to win a cash prize.

Sandy Hiser, the President of Revitalize Niantic, said, "The whole contest is just to get some life back into Niantic and see if we can't get the community all involved and all on one page to step up to a better community."

Hiser says she hopes the community efforts to do some spring cleaning can bring in some new shops.

"We would like to see some businesses come in here. This town, at one time, was a thriving community and it's just been dwindling away so we've been trying to revitalize it and bring some businesses."

The contest ends June 15. This is the village's first contest of its kind.

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