Rising water rates not smooth sailing

Published 04/02 2013 04:59PM

Updated 04/02 2013 05:36PM

DECATUR -- Residents will soon pay more for water. City officials approved a rate hike to upgrade the water system. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels explains what that means for your utility bill.

You probably don't think about how much it costs every time you wash your hands, but soon, it will be double what it is right now. Water rates are set to go up about 30% each year for the next three years.

In the end, the average home will pay about $25 more every month. City leaders say the extra money is needed for upgrades so the city can make it through any further droughts without a problem. People here say they'd rather take their chances.

"I don't pay a water bill, but I know I have friends in town who do and they're trying to save every penny they can. I know my apartment complex has a pool, so they might raise my rates, they might raise rates on everything if the water's going up. I don't really want to pay that. It'll be a big pinch in my wallet."

The new rates start in June. Bills will also come out once a month instead of quarterly.

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