Robert on the Road: Effingham

Published 05/29 2012 08:05PM

Updated 05/30 2012 10:33AM

EFFINGHAM -- This week we're kicking off a summer full of "Our Town" fun in "Our Town Effingham. We realized we should probably take Robert on the road. So today WCIA-3's Robert Reese is checking out a popular spot in Effingham.
     Every town in America has its popular place to go and the popularity of the places sometimes passes. The Homewood Grill in Effingham has been very popular for a very long time. The "Our Town Effingham" staple is not just popular with customers.
    "They have good ice cream."
    "I come on my lunch break."
    "The people here are really nice and there is really good service."   
    It's popular with the owners.
    "It's family oriented, I mean when you come to a custard stand, it''s social.  You're going to meet somebody you know, always."
    "This is my sixth season with her."
    It's popular with the employees.
    "I love it here.  I wanted to work here since I was like, six years old." 
    "I love it here.  I love working with all the other girls, and it's a fun time."
    And it's popular with kids that aren't even old enough to have a job!
    "My cousins who were actually outside earlier, they wanna work here too. I asked them what they wanna be when they get older and they said 'We want to be just like you,we want to work at the Homewood Grill.'"
    With a menu that includes burgers, fries, ice cream, soda, and more, you'd think that everyone would be coming for that one good thing.  Well, you'd be wrong.
    "I would definitely say the yogurt.  The chocolate yogurt is the best."
    "I think everyone's in love with the fries."
    "I like their hot dogs."
    "I love the tenderloins, the tenderloin special."
    It seemed like everyone has a different favorite at the Homewood Grill.
    "My husband gets shakes, I get yogurt, they always change the topping on their sundae, and everybody is good to go."
    Now, we all have to eat lunch and we all have our favorite places to go.  Sometimes lunch is just a means to an end, and at the Homewood Grill, it all ends with ice cream.
    As good as it all sounded and smelled, I had to stick to the basics:  a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a soda.
    Since this is kind of a journalism assignment, I had to be sure to check my facts.
    It is a fact that the ice cream is very good at the Homewood Grill, but you may just want to check that fact for yourself. 
    The Homewood Grill is a seasonal restaurant, open from March until October.

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