Robert on the Road: Imo's Cafe

Published 09/14 2012 01:28PM

Updated 09/17 2012 04:22AM

FARMER CITY ---  Every town has a place where you just know you can get all the latest gossip. In Farmer City, that place is Imo's cafe, and Robert stopped in to get the scoop.

When you come off the interstate in Farmer City, Imo's Cafe is one of the first businesses you see. So if you are hungry or thirsty, you'd think it's a pretty good place to stop in.

It doesn't take long to figure out that it's actually a great place to stop. And that's no accident.

As you can tell from his accent, Imo is not from around here, and the story of how he got here, is fascinating.  Once he made it to Central Illinois, it didn't take long for Farmer City to embrace Imo and his family as part of its family. They have also embraced Imo's cafe as the place to be.

It's almost like the food has become secondary to the social interaction. Almost. Imo has an image he want's to maintain. So what does Imo like? Today's special, The Horseshoe.

I had the Horseshoe, but Imo, the meat guy, had vegetable soup. The best part of the lunch was the company. Time spent with this man goes quickly, leaving you wanting more. I could hang out with this guy.

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