Safe havens available for babies

By Alex Davis |

Published 09/03 2014 04:57PM

Updated 09/03 2014 05:33PM

ILLINOIS -- Earlier, we learned the newborn found in a dumpster in Jacksonville is doing okay. The baby was left in the dumpster over the weekend. Just hours after it was born, the infant was released from the hospital and is now in DCFS custody.

The value of safe places for children is our topic. Melissa, with the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation, and her 5-year old daughter are here.

If you hand your baby to personnel at a police or fire station, your newborn will be taken to the nearest hospital and receive a health exam, any needed medical care and be adopted by a loving family. Safe places include hospitals, emergency care facilities, police stations and staffed fire stations.

Keep in mind, once you've handed over your unharmed baby to a hospital worker, police officer or firefighter, you are free to leave. You do not have to give your name or answer any questions. No one will try to stop you or follow you.

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