Safe holiday driving

Published 12/31 2012 07:00PM

Updated 12/31 2012 07:01PM

URBANA -- Police are trying to make sure people stay safe on the roads on New Year's Eve.

Urbana police said drivers should be extra careful, especially since there's some snow on the ground alerady. They also said to make sure you clean off your windows and headlights so other cars can see you. They said if you plan to do a lot of celebrating, make sure you have a safe way to get home.

"People drink a lot more and they tend to feel that they had a few drinks and they're buzzed," said Urbana Police Officer Preston James. "Buzzed driving is still drunk driving. We do have quite a bit of accidents during the New Year's time."

Some more tips: don't tailgate or follow too closely if people are driving slowly. James said even if you have four-wheel drive, your car can still slip around. So make sure you're being cautious on the roads.

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