Scam targeting Busey customers

Published 10/17 2013 09:57PM

Updated 10/31 2013 01:41PM

URBANA -- The next time you answer a call or text, you might want to check who is on the other line. Danielle Deck was a target in a recent bank scam which has affected dozens in Central Illinois. Now, she's sending the warning to you.

The call or text claims to be from Busey Bank. People who do not even bank with Busey are getting the calls and texts. The automated call says your debit card needs to be reactivated, or there is a billing issue.

Several people are getting the scam through texts from a 907 area code stating Busey Bank has an important message, and urging customers to call the number.

Deck says, "I think it's completely ridiculous that you're getting a text message scam now. It was one thing when it was email, that's so easy. Or to get an automated call when you pick up the phone. To get a text message? People are going to think you know the person on the other end. I think they'll probably get a few people."

Busey employees say they will never call a customer about card activation, or for personal information. So if you get calls or texts like this, erase the messages or hang up, because Busey employees are not on the other end.

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