Scam targets Busey Bank

Published 10/31 2012 04:35PM

Updated 10/31 2012 05:54PM

CHAMPAIGN -- A new scam is hitting Central Illinois. Scammers are using a recorded message to ask for credit card information or social security numbers.

Dozens of families were targeted. 25-people responded to our invitation to tell us if they've been called. The set up pretends to be an automated call from Busey Bank.

Calls started Tuesday, and come at odd hours, like 3 am. The number comes up "unknown."

When you answer, the message says your debit card is deactivated or there's a problem with your billing. If you press "1," you're instructed to enter things like your account or social security numbers.

Bank officials say they're investigating the scam and warn customers it's not them. They say they would never ask for personal information over the phone, they don't call from blocked numbers and they don't call at weird hours.

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