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Scammer chose the wrong person to target

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) -- A scammer picked the worst person to target. 

Someone claiming to be from the I.R.S called the Champaign County Sheriff on his cell phone. Now he's warning others to watch out. 

Many have lost a lot of money through these scams. Sheriff Walsh says in the last few months someone ended up sending around 45 hundred dollars to a phone scammer. He says unfortunately this happens all the time and people do fall for it. 

Mainly elderly people are the ones who believe the scammers more often. People need to be suspicious because there's really no way to get your money back. 

The call Sheriff Walsh received is one that happens most frequently. 

"They told me they were from the internal revenue service and they had a warrant out for my arrest and unless I called them promptly and made arrangements to pay them, they would have local and state authorities send a warrant to arrest me. So I guess I'm just waiting because I'm not sending them any money. So I'm just waiting for local authorities to arrest me." 

Obviously that's not going to happen and clearly the call wasn't a credible threat for an arrest. But there's really nothing local law enforcement can do to stop this. The scammers spoof emails and phone numbers and often they're not traceable.

 An important thing to remember is the I.R.S doesn't call you or text you. If you owe taxes they will send you information in the mail to notify you. Beyond the I.R.S., no government agency will ever ask for your bank account information or social security number on the phone.

If you get one of these calls, hang up. 

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