School Board Mourns Member's Death

Published 03/08 2012 05:00PM

Updated 03/08 2012 05:48PM

Update: 5:00 pm, March 8
    Friends are remembering an educational leader. Words to describe Greg Novak. The Champaign School Board member died Wednesday. He served the district for more than 30-years. WCIA-3's Erica Quednau described the big part he played in Unit 4.
    Greg Novak was elected to the Board of Education in 2007. Before that, he worked as a librarian at Edison and Jefferson Middle schools. People who passed him in the halls say he had an impact on education in Champaign.
    "He always had a vision that he hoped to see come to fruition."
    A vision schools will have to carry on without Greg Novak.
    "He will be sorely missed, under-appreciated, but people will realize what he brought to the table."
    Kim Anderson knew Novak for more than 15-years.They worked together at Franklin Middle School first, then, when Novak retired in 2006, Anderson took his job.
    "He was the librarian at Jefferson before I came here. Hard act to follow, but certainly I inherited a good space."
    A space which feels somber today, but one filled with only good memories of Novak.
    "We always talked politics. He was very interested in politics, very interested in history. He was like the go to person, if you needed a fact about everything you could go to Greg and you would have all the information you could ask for."
    One thing is for sure, Novak is leaving behind a legacy which will last forever.
    "His devotion to the district's future is going to be his legacy. His commitment, unwavering commitment to Champaign Unit 4 schools, so at every meeting talking about the future, you knew you could count on him to be there and that will be missed."
    Many others are mourning Novak's loss today, but the Champaign Board of Education is getting back to business tonight during an emergency meeting.

Original: 6:30 pm, March 7
    The Champaign school board is mourning the death of member Greg Novak.  He died today.  Novak had more than thirty years of service in the district.
    "The board is deeply, deeply saddened," School Board President Sue Grey said. "We are devastated by the news.  There is no one quite like Greg."
    The school board is expected to hold an emergency meeting tomorrow.

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