School districts brace themselves for students returning to class

Published 12/17 2012 10:20PM

Updated 12/17 2012 10:33PM

FARMER CITY -- It wasn't just any Monday morning for most families.  Today parents hugged their children a little bit longer before letting them go and one district made sure those parents knew that school is still a safe place. 
    The superintendent at Blue Ridge Community Unit School District sent an email to parents Friday night.  It outlines the districts policy on handling situations like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary.  

    Parents get that letter at the start of the school year but the district felt a reminder wouldn't hurt.  The superintendent also called parents on Sunday night to get some one on one feedback.  

    At school today, she says her elementary school students didn't seem upset or rattled.  The same goes with the high school level.  She says if anyone was worried it was the parents but even they handled this difficult situation well. 

    The superintendent says there were a few more parents than usual bringing their children all the way to school doors.  Some had a few questions but most were just thankful for the work the district did over the weekend.  

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