School on lockdown while 2 arrested with BB gun

Published 04/26 2013 12:44PM

Updated 04/26 2013 05:31PM

Update: 12:43 pm, 4/26/13, Friday
DECATUR -- The names of two men arrested while an elementary school was on lock down have been released. Philip Harpool and Jimmy Gibson, both 18, of Decatur, face charges for disorderly conduct.

A teacher from Lady of Lourdes reported a man outside with a gun about 11 am Thursday. The school was put on lock down while police investigated. It was determined the suspects were in possession of a BB gun.

Original: 5:48 pm, 4/25/13, Thursday

DECATUR -- A private school was put on lock-down after a teacher saw a man outside with a gun. It happened about 11 am Thursday at Lady of Lourdes Elementary School.

It was on lock-down for about 90-minutes as police searched for suspects. Two men were arrested, one in possession of a BB gun. No one was hurt.

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