Schools ready for ISAT despite snow days

By Erica Quednau |

Published 02/27 2014 04:06PM

Updated 02/28 2014 11:58AM

CHAMPAIGN -- The dreaded snow has made it an inconsistent year for schools across Central Illinois. Some schools have missed up to seven days because of snow and it could be catching up to them now. Next week is the ISAT.

Some schools are pushing the test back. Monticello and the Arthur-Lovington school districts are delaying the statewide test a week. School officials say it's to make sure students are prepared for the task. Unit 4 says it's forging through and ready to rock the ISAT.

When it comes to the pressure and stress of taking a test, what better way to fight it then dancing. 

"It's always nice to have a little fun with it and take some of the stress away," said Geoff Freymuth, a science teacher at Jefferson Middle School. 

So that's how he and everyone else there plans on getting through ISAT week. 

"You get to forget about how big the test this is. They've been adding lots of fun elements in, to like studying," said 7th grader, Ben Hannauer. 

But even with fun videos, personalized pencils and snacks for weeks, there is still a job to get done. 

"There's always a little bit of nerves going in, because you know, it's a big test," said Hannauer.

"It's easy. It's just answering questions and you do it everyday," said Lashauntay Comer.

"For ISAT testing, we really try not to do too much different leading up the ISAT test. We have our curriculum in place so we know what we're teaching throughout the whole school year is going to help the students perform well on the ISAT test," said Freymuth. 

Even though this year's learning has been a little inconsistent.

"It's been difficult with the start and stop, start and stop with the weather this winter, which has created some challenges keeping some rhythm I guess, as the school year goes," said Freymuth. 

"The teachers do a good job of catching us up on homework and work and class and things like that," said Hannauer.

These students are ready to rock the ISAT.

"I'm not super nervous or anything," said Hannauer.

"The students seems to be really flexible and roll with whatever comes their way," said Freymuth.

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