Security checks aren't foolproof

Published 03/26 2013 06:07PM

Updated 03/26 2013 06:20PM

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS -- Police say it's fairly easy to hide items from a quick security search. They say that's what happened this weekend when Kenneth Bergman allegedly snuck weapons into Assembly Hall.

He faces weapons charges and disorderly conduct. UI Police say he was acting alone and gained access during a Christian concert. WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw follows the story.

Backpacks aren't allowed and ladies have to open their purses. Those wearing coats are asked to unzip them, but sometimes things slip by. At Assembly Hall, thousands come and go in just one night.

"Like for basketball games, we got 16,000 people coming in."

Earlier this week, 64-year old Bergman reportedly got in with two 6"-throwing knives, a razor blade, a baton, a taser, pepper spray and two live rounds of ammunition. Officers found the weapons after searching Bergman who was walking around trying to talk to people.

"This was an isolated incident. We don't believe this particular person was working with anyone in particular. He was on his own."

Officials say they're familiar with Bergman and he wasn't trying to hurt anyone. There's a safety system at the Hall. When you enter for an event, you go through turnstiles.

"We'll ask people to open their coats. For females, we ask them to open their purses."

It's not always foolproof.

"He could have had these items in his pocket, he could have had them on his belt. He could have had them anywhere."

But, they have cameras. Police talk with the security crew.

"We do specific training on what they should do if they come across someone with a weapon."

Authorities say this type of thing is rare, and short of installing metal detectors, which is costly and can be time-consuming, there's not much more than can do, but they will be keeping an eye out.

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