Sensors could make sports safer

Published 04/09 2013 07:43PM

Updated 04/09 2013 07:46PM

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS -- Research at UI is helping develop flexible sensors for football helmets which could help diagnose concussions more effectively. The sensors basically get built into the helmets, right in front of the forehead.

They're made with a combination of thing like silicon, silicone and gold, plus rubber casing, so they can twist and fold. Research done at UI gets used by a company called MC-10.

UI Material Science and Engineering professor John Rogers is one of the group's co-founders. An LED light on the helmet would turn red, yellow or green to help coaches and players determine how severe the hit was.

It would provide a better idea of whether an athlete needs to sit out for awhile or if he can keep playing. Rogers says athletes on all levels could take advantage of the new technology from little leagues and high schools up through the pros.

MC-10 is working with Reebok on this latest project. They're expected to go on sale in June.

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