Shelby County won't prosecute concealed-carry

Published 06/26 2013 09:09PM

Updated 06/27 2013 11:33AM

SHELBYVILLE -- Shelby County has joined the list of Illinois counties which won't prosecute gun owners who carry a concealed weapon. It means any citizen who can legally own a firearm and has a valid FOID card will be allowed to carry a concealed weapon with in the county.

No arrests or charges will be made against individuals who do so. But if an individual commits a crime while armed with a concealed weapon, they'll be subject to charges related to that crime and violations of the Unlawful Use of a Weapon statute.

The decision was made by leaders including the sheriff, the State's Attorney and chiefs of police from Shelbyville, Moweaqua, Windsor and Stewardson. The decision will be valid until the state enacts its own concealed-carry law. Then, a statement would be issued terminating this policy.

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