Sheriff explains how inmate escaped

Published 11/04 2013 10:07PM

Updated 11/05 2013 09:14AM

DECATUR -- Investigators reveal exactly how an inmate managed to escape from jail and what they're doing to make sure it never happens again. Last week, a man walked right out of the Macon County Jail. The inmate who escaped reportedly posed as another inmate who was up for bond. The sheriff says they both had the same last name.

When an officer called for the McCoy who bonded out, 25-year old Schuyler McCoy came forward, but he wasn't up for bond. Schuyler had just been sentenced to 3-years at the Illinois Department of Corrections for aggravated battery. The sheriff says the mistake was caused by the last name and a picture mix-up, but that it's no excuse.

"This is clearly a problem that occurred. This is the first time it's ever occurred in my career. I know it's happened at other locations but we put safeguards into place to make sure things like this don't happen and those safeguards failed," Sheriff Tom Schneider said.

The sheriff says the two McCoys are not related to each other. The correct McCoy was released but Schuyler was given more charges for escaping. He could now face 15 - 30 years in prison. The sheriff says the officer who made the mistake will face serious disciplinary action, but will not be fired.

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