Shiloh Schools Cut Teachers to Maintain

Published 03/21 2012 06:09PM

Updated 03/21 2012 06:18PM

The Shiloh School District is desperately trying to stay afloat and that means making cuts.
Earlier this week the school district cut 14 teachers, and warns there could be more to come.
Many times we hear about schools not having enough teachers and too many students. But the Superintendant says Shiloh schools are the complete opposite, and that plays a big part in these cuts.
Cathy hales picks up her granddaughter from Newman Grade School everyday. 
She knows many of the teachers there, and her husband is a school board member. Hales says, cuts like this, in a tight community are very hard. 
"Some of the people that he's had to inform are very close friends of ours," says Hales.
14 teachers and aids across the district got reduction in force notices. Meaning, the school hopes to have money to pay them next year, but if not, they wont have a job.
"It seems sad that we can bail out banks, and we can bail out other things but we can't bail out our schools," says Hales.
Administrators say a bailout isn't what they need for these kids, just for the state to pay it's bills.
Since reserve funds are running low, next year it could be worse.
Transportation routes could be reduced, schools may have cheaper food service, or kids could go to schools in surrounding communities.
Hales says, "We should be able to provide a public education for our children and grandchildren and we are not doing that we are letting the kids down."
The Superintendent says the district over hired teachers. They have too many, and class sizes are too low, that's why this move makes the most sense.
Amanda Elliott's daughter is in first grade, and she disagrees.
"Newman needs all the teachers and aids it can get. In my point of view, they don't have enough one on one time," says Elliott.
If the district gets title one grants next year, some of the teachers could be rehired. But the superintendent says with the state of the state that isn't guaranteed.

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