Shots fired inside school

Latest: 4:05 pm, 9/10/12, Monday
NORMAL -- Students at Normal Community High School were back in class Monday following Friday's shooting. The man many are calling the "hero teacher" is speaking for the first time.

Derrick Schonauer is a first year health-and-PE teacher. Police say a student in his class fired several shots at the ceiling.

Schonauer tackled the student and held him until officers arrived. Schonauer says his priority now is making sure his students stay positive. Counselors were on hand for students and staff.

Latest: 10:05 pm, 9/9/12, Sunday

NORMAL -- People are tying to ease what will surely be a tough morning for students and staff. Hundreds attended a vigil outside Normal Community High School Sunday.

It was in response to Friday's shooting in a classroom. Two students were arrested after one of them allegedly fired shots. No one was hurt.

Those who were there are preparing for an emotional Monday. Many aren't sure how they'll feel when they walk back through the school doors.

Meanwhile, the accused gunman, a 14-year old male freshman, should face charges soon.

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Latest: 5:01 pm, 9/7/12, Friday
NORMAL -- A 14-year old boy was taken into police custody after allegedly firing a gun inside a school. It happened Friday morning at Normal Community High School.

Students say the teen pulled the weapon out of his backpack during class, sat on a stool, cocked the gun and told the class he was going to start running things. Witnesses say the teacher was able to tackle the student and hold him until police arrived.

One student says the teacher likely saved lives. Emotions ran high for everyone involved. Parents say a school shooting is one of their worst nightmares. Many say Unit 5 did everything right in this situation.

Update: 11:07 am, 9/7/12, Friday
NORMAL -- Police responded to Community High School shortly after 8 am, Friday, for reports of shots fired. A 14-year old boy was taken into custody for alleged involvement.

There are no reports of injuries. No other schools have received threats.

The high school is on lock-down while police reunite students with parents. That's taking place at Eastview Christian Church, 1500 Airport Road.

Original: 8:53 am
, 9/7/12, Friday
NORMAL --  This morning a student allegedly fired shots into the ceiling at Normal Community High School. All students are safe at this hour.

Students are relocating to Eastview Church where parents can pick up their children. Police will release more details about the incident later. We'll keep you updated as the story develops.

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