Singing for awareness

By Gary Brode |

Published 06/29 2014 10:38PM

Updated 05/18 2015 11:08AM

Update: 10:06 pm, 5/17/15, Sunday
CHAMPAIGN -- About one in five children do not survive a stroke. One area family is lucky enough to not be part of that statistic. That's why it's giving back. This is the third year the Morgan's have hosted Hear Our Song. It's a concert to raise money and awareness for pediatric stroke.

The Morgan's son, Maxwell, experienced a stroke after being born. Since then, they've been helping out the organization which helped them. The group was CHASA (Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association). All the money raised from the concert goes to the group. Over three years, they've raised about $10,000.
Original: 10:38 pm, 6/29/14, Sunday
CHAMPAIGN -- It's a disease which can change a child's life even before being born. Perinatal strokes occur in one of every 2,700 live births. About five of every 100,000 children suffer a stroke before 19.

Nicole Morgan's son, Maxwell, suffered a stroke before he was born. Morgan thought she and her family were alone in their struggle. Turns out they weren't and now they want to educate others.

"We just wanted to draw awareness to the town about pediatric stroke," said Morgan. "Unfortunately, it's not in the 'what to expect books' or baby books. So we figured, in Champaign, if there was a way to spread awareness, it would be through singing."

There was a silent auction and bake sale. They hope to raise $4,000 for the cause. All proceeds go to CHASA, a children's stroke organization.

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